Let The Journey Begin

And here I am again, blogging, after a while. I used to blog about men’s style (lifestyle, fashion, trends, food and so on) in my native language Portuguese. I did that for 11 years. And then I decided to stop. I felt as if I did not have anything else to add. So I quit. I took two or three years off the internet and now I am back, more in the up close and personal vibe, willing to share in this space a little bit of things or lessons that I have been learning for the past 47 years of my life and above all about this new beginning of mine. Because now, at the age of 47 I am feeling as myself again after a quite long time and most importantly, now I feel that I am finally living. And enjoying it. If it is too late for that? Hell no! And I will be here to prove it!


Anyways, more about me you can read here as soon as I finish writing it.

About this blog: I do intend to share here a little bit of my personal experiences, information that I believe are important for every woman who is going through perimenopause and menopause to be aware of and things that I have knowledge about (I am a Personal Stylist and Reiki practitioner) and think it could add up.

See you around!

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