Always Decide What You Are Gonna Wear The Night Before


Every time you go to work or have a social event ahead, instead of leaving to decide what to wear a few hours or minutes before you have to go, pick your whole outfit the night before you go to bed. This way you don’t have to deal with early in the morning decisions or have to make a quickie one because you are already late.

And before you pick your outfit, have a look at the weather forecast and think about the day or the event you have ahead and considere things like sensible shoes, rainwear, bag big enough (or small enough), layers in case the weather is unstable or you have to face some air conditioner time…

You don’t have to actually pick each piece, although it is a great idea to do so. At least have in mind the outfit you want to wear. And make sure it is clean, pressed properly, the shoes are in good condition to wear etc.

This way even if you miss the alarm, you will be ready to go just like that.

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