Nothing Like A Day After Another

That simple. And so true…

Yesterday I was feeling horrible. I had not slept at all the night before, I was deeply sad and concerned with some family issues and feeling hopeless to reach a happy ending ever that not even a happy message from my beloved boyandfriend could push me up. I was down. And every time that happens I allow myself to feel it and let it be. I just hang in there, support myself and my feelings and try to understand and embrace it the best way I can. I never run away or try to shift the feeling. I let it go on its own, on its own timing. And it does. Eventually. Until then it can be extremely painful.


I went to bed early because I was exhausted and the feeling was still there, consuming me, making my heart hurts as usual. I slept the whole night. It was a good restoring sleep. I woke up renovated, in a completely different vibe. I went for my morning walking listening to some Kundalini mantras and voilà, the magic of nothing like a day after another just happened.

Obviously I know that the storm is far from reach its ending. Another bad days will come, but just for today I will enjoy and appreciate these new, positive, hopeful vibe, this moment. Because life is about moments. They come and go and we should let them come and go. Embrace, enjoy, allow ourselves to feel it, learn from it and let them go. Because they do go. That is why it is never a good idea to make a decision when the vibe is down. Let the vibe goes up to do so.

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