The Power Of Happiness

Happiness is not a destination, it is a state of mind that can be present or not all along your journey. And although it is true that it is up to you to access that happy state of mind and nourish it, it is not that easy to achieve. You have to find your way through it. And only you can figure it out. And let it be. Both are equally important.

In order to figure it out pay attention to anything that puts you in that happy state of mind. And cultivate that into your life. I know that sometimes even doing the things that inspire your happiness the state is not going to pop up. It happens. And it does because the things that makes you unhappy are winning the mind game. And again, although it is true that it is up to you to shift this game, it is not that simple. Sometimes we just have to embrace the unhappiness because it is usually there where we can learn a thing or two about ourselves, grow and flourish. And because life is all about balancing things out. A little bit of unhappiness here, a little bit of happiness there and life goes on. As it should be. 

So, when happiness happens welcome it and enjoy it as much as you can but don’t be a slave to the happy state of mind or any state of mind for the matter. Just let them flow and try to enjoy the ride: bumping or flat. And let it be. 

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