Palo Santo: My Favorite Smudge

If you like a good smudge to clear out the vibe for the upcoming year or any given day throughout your life or as an everyday before bedtime smudge to make sure you have a good night of sleep, then you must know Palo Santo is a great option. Among the properties that this Holy Wood (Palo Santo meaning in Spanish) has you can include balances out the relationships and a room’s harmony, clear the bad energies from a space or a person and attracts good vibes. You can also put on its account that it reduces anxiety and stress, brings out creativity and it is uplifting.

And besides all that, it smells so good! I mean the smell on its own can make some magic happens in my opinion. And speaking of smells… one way for you to know if you are buying the real deal here is to feel the essence in the package. If it does not smell amazing, it is definitely not a real Palo Santo.

A few directions to smudge properly:

  • Always light up the wood stick from the same side. Pick one side and stick with it.
  • With a match or a candle light up the stick till you get a flame. When you do, wave till all you get is a smoke.
  • Use the smoke to smudge the room or yourself or someone else.
  • If you are smudging yourself or a person, let the smoke go everywhere on the person’s body including the hands and the sole of the feet. And pay special attention to every chakra.
  • If it is a room, start from a corner from the bottom up everywhere around including doors, windows and everything in between.
  • If you need to relight the stick, do it as many times as needed.

For those who don’t like smoke, there are essential oils and sprays made from Palo Santo that could do the trick as well.

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