It is Never Too Late To Dream a New Dream

Today I was not going to write any post cause I was already tired and it is way too hot (around 110 F in Rio) to do anything else other than have an ice cream. But then I came across this quote and here I am.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

To have a dream is something that speaks deeply to me. And it does because some loooong time ago I lost touch with my own dreams. Don’t know where they went. One day they simply evaporated and for a while I didn’t even notice it. And ladies, how dull can be a life without dreams… right?

Anyways, once the dream ball dropped and I realized I had no dreams to pursue I tried to access my database to check my dreams as a kid or as a teenager because back then, obviously, I had dreams and maybe I could use them, who knows? That is why I went back to Fashion School (at F.I.T. in New York City) to take a few Styling classes. See, when I was a teenager I wanted to be the new Anna Wintour or an editorial stylist or work in a magazine. Although most of the time it was fun to attend the classes, deep inside I knew those were not my dreams anymore. I don’t regret taking those classes at all, cause it took me to New York and there I finally reengaged in life, found new passions like Reiki and Kundalini Yoga among other things. Totally worth it. And by that time was when I realized that maybe I need to go after a new dream.

Great! But here is a catch: I still don’t know what my dream is. And maybe I don’t because I haven’t found my bliss. Or maybe I have but till now I still feel as if I am not good enough to pursue it. Because every time I think about going for it, I procrastinate. Or I hyperventilate.

Anyways, trying to reconnect with my dreams, having this purpose and being opened to it, is what put me back on my own track. Cause, honestly, life without a dream is way too flat, it is not living, it is only surviving. When you loose something that important as I did, it is impossible not to realize how vital this is. Don’t wait till you loose yours to appreciate and cherish it.

But if you do, be aware that you can always dream a new dream. At any age. It is up to you to reconnect with your own self and find that out. It may take a while but the pursuing trip per se can end up lighting up your life.

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