My Favorite Tinted SunScreen

I am talking about the Photoderm M 50+, a Tinted Protective Cream by Bioderma. I have been wearing this as my facial sunscreen and my daily foundation (since it is tinted) for over a year. And ladies, I love this product. And I do because, besides its protection against the sun, it makes my skin looks beautiful, rested, even and glowing. It looks like I am just wearing my natural healthy skin and nothing else. I feel that I don’t need anything extra applied. Not even a blush. Although I do apply a toner and a moisturizer underneath. And when I am in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I do apply another sunscreen, for extra protection. And a little makeup: like my go-to grey eyeliner from Sephora and a lip stain from Revlon. Cause you never know who you are going to come across…

And this is me, before my early morning walk, almost ready to with no makeup, just the Photoderm M. Since it is water resistant, it stays even when I sweat a lot.

What Bioderma says about Photoderm M 50+:

  • Indications: Skin subject to hyperpigmentation. Suitable for pregnant women.
  • Benefits: Minimizes the risk of pigmentation during sun exposure with an unique filter system that guarantees a very high UVA/UVB protection and reinforced protection against visible radiation. This action is complemented by a genuine internal biological protection: the exclusive Cellular Bioprotection patent which activates the skin’s natural defences, protects cells and combats premature skin ageing.  Reduces the appearance of existent sun marks. Evens complexion and provides natural coverage.
  • Plus: SPF 50+ UVA 38, water resistant, paraben-free, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, photostable.

As I said, I love this product and highly recommend at least a try to see if it works wonders for you too as it does for me.

You can check Bioderma’s Photoderm M in their website here.

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