Not Quite There Yet

In my spiritual journey, in my personal or professional life that is where I stand: not quite there yet. And in a way, it is Okay. But let’s face it: it can be highly frustrating. Especially when you read other people stories on how they made it. It feels like it all happened like magic, flew so well and the happy ending is lasting ever since. No backdrops. I am sure it is far from being the case (unless you are Carole King, although her happily ever after had some bad moments too), but that is how it looks like it. The truth is: being in the not quite there yet moment is so uncomfortable and there are a lot of agony, anxiety, sadness, doubts, uncertainties, fear, insecurity… that is really hard to talk about it, I believe. That is why we hear little about it.

But that is a shame, because when we are in the not quite there yet zone is when we need the most some ground, some feeling of relatability just to rest our heads on for a moment and yet, we cannot find it.

So if you are in the not quite there yet zone, be aware that you are not alone. I am also there, I am also lost, feeling something major is missing, not so sure if I am going to the right direction, doing the right things. Most of the time I feel I will never make it, that I am not good enough to make it. I feel not worthy. I feel terrible for being trapped here. Because it does feel as if I am trapped. With no perspective to get the hack out of here.

But I have faith. I have mu back. I am here and I am willing to keep up, keep going, hoping to get there. Eventually.

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