Am I Still Waiting For My Prince Charming To Rescue Me?

When I was a teenager and still as an early adult I had this dream anytime things got a little hopeless for me: that a kind, nice, smart, well educated Prince Charming will come in my rescue and would free me from all the pain and would change my life for good. Everything would be Okay by magic. In my delusional times peak I would even think he was coming on a lovely white horse. True.

Don’t need to say that this never happened. And (I guess) never will. And it is Okay. Because if there is one thing that I have learned in those 47 years of life is that I am great at and enough to save myself. From whatever bad situation I am in. I don’t need anyone to do that for me. And I have learned it because anytime I thought I needed a savior, I didn’t get one and had to find my way out of it on my own. Crawling, going round, stumbling, falling and standing up, jumping, walking through… regardless, every single time I made it through. Barely, in pieces but I made it through.

Of course that sometimes I needed some help. But hey, I have learned that there is nothing wrong to reach out to the right person or persons and ask for it, so…

All I know is that right now, I am here very grateful for this important lesson life has thought me by denying my Prince Charming fantasy. It made me realize how strong and determined I can be. That I don’t need a Prince Charming; all I needed was me, having my back. And yes, sometimes a major no from the Universe is a needed yes to something else. Sometimes, a vital lesson.

I must confess that every now and then when things get unbearable the little girl in me rescue that Prince Charming fantasy. But deep inside, now I know that although this could be great to happen, I sure don’t need it. I might want it, but don’t need it at all. And it is sooo good and comforting to know that…

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