Outfits And Memories

Since I was a little girl I am into fashion. Always loved to read fashion magazines and follow what was going on in this world. But more than being a fashion lover, I adore clothes and accessories. They are things that bring me joy. I don’t have an easy taste, let’s call it like that, so I don’t own a lot of pieces. But most every piece I have, I love. Because I do like to be surrounded and dressed by pieces that put a smile on my face.

Besides that, clothes and accessories are like perfume to me: they evoke memories. Every single piece I have remember me of something: a date, a day, an event, a person, a celebration, a thing. And it can be something regular or something pretty special or something in between. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that I love the idea of having pieces in my closet that have stories to tell about a moment in my life, a piece that when I look at I can remember. I like the idea of wearing clothes and accessories that mean something, anything to me.

Like this dress. The first time I ever wore it I was video chatting (for the first time ever) with a dude I had just met through a dating app. And it was a pretty good talk. Every time I look at it in my closet I remember it. With a smile on my face.

And yes, I am on instagram. Follow me there @fabafter47.

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