Follow Me On Instagram

True that Social Media is definitely not my cup of tea and Instagram is probably my least favorite of them all but hey, I am trying. And if you wanna help me on that, follow me over there @fabafter47.

Still terrible at selfies.

There I post about my personal style, my personal stylist life, my cats, my trips, my favorite things, my spiritual journey, myself. Actually I am using Instagram to reconnect with my passion with fashion, my passion to dress up. Since I know myself that getting ready to go out for a party, an event, a job, whatever was always my favorite part. Loved the whole process. The event itself… not so much. I am not a very social person, that is why.

And yet, putting myself together used to be fun. And I miss that. Now things are more robotic in this area for me. I just grab something in my closet, pick a bag, a shoe/sandals, wear my basic non-makeup makeup and go for the same accessories as I usually do. No sparkling in my eyes, no soul warming on that.

A pity. That I hope is about to be over.

Anyways, if you show up there, don’t forget to say hi, so I can follow you back.

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