How About Some Love, Respect And Kidness To Our Beautiful Planet?

Today is Earth’s Day and despite whether or not you believe in #GlobalWarming and on this #NewGreenDeal thing what we should do as a human being today and everyday is to have a more respectful and loving approach to our planet in our daily lives. Our planet that is our home. And it is a beautiful, diverse, amazing home. A home that should be taken care of, never taken for granted.

And we shouldn’t even do it just to have a home in this Universe, but because we deeply care, because we enjoy keeping our home as great as it is. We acknowledge it, we are grateful for it and we act as such.

And there are so many “little” things we can do to show respect and love to our planet. Like being a more conscious consumer, recycling, preserving the green around us, producing less waste, keeping the cities and nature clean, being responsible citizens, caring for the animals, caring for one another…

So, instead of celebrating Earth today, celebrate it every single day, appreciating it, enjoying it, being grateful for it. And as I said before, acting as such. Be kind to Earth as much Earth has been so kind and generous to us. 🙏

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