My Hair Inspiration For Life

The feather hair by Farrah Fawcett.💜

I always had great hair. It is kind of wavy, thin but full at the same time, a very versatile kind of hair, the type of hair that stays in any way I style it. With no fuss. And no frizz. Most of the time. And yes, I went through a phase where my hair started to fall out a lot, more than it should and instead of having a full lioness hair that I was so used to, I got this very demure frame for my face. Yep, it was probably due to perimenopause and menopause and a low ferritin level and a slowing down thyroid but also (or mainly) because of my B12 deficiency and its side effects.

Anyways, now my hair is back to its full times (although lately I think it is falling out way too much and because of that I am investigating. Hehehe But it is true.) and I am reconsidering going back to my favorite haircut ever: the Farrah Fawcett feather hair. I started wearing it on my early teen years. And from then, every now and then again and every time I need a haircut that represents who I am so well, I go back to Farrah’s hair. It is my comfort cut. Like it, love it, adore it. I feel myself like no other haircut. Plus, it works for me. So. Damn. Well.

Some of my feather hair versions through time. 😊

Right now, I am thinking about cutting Farrah’s way. The only problem: to find a hairdresser who can actually give me the right cut. Not every one can manage to do it. And that is a pity. Because this haircut is a bomb. When it is done right.


And how about your haircut? Which one is your comfort cut?

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