Being And Feeling Truly Grateful Even For The Bad Times

One of the things I always felt in my core that I needed to work on was to be truly grateful. For every little thing in my life right now and that ever happened to me. Every. Little. Thing. Good. Bad. And The Very Ugly.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay.

In my mind, as a concept, I always got why this is an important thing to bring to our lives, how being and feeling grateful can open a window of prosperity and joy in front of us and the whole zen-bang. Without it, it is like you don’t move as fast as you should.

And you aren’t even on the right direction.

Having understood all that, every time I have tried to actually be and feel grateful I always felt as if I was not really being and feeling as such. It seemed to be something I was just saying but not meaning. Because, let’s face it, how can someone be and feel grateful when shit is happening in full force? And although I have been having some good moments, most of my life lately and so far has fell short in being fulfilling.

So, every time I did one of those exercises to write down a few things I was grateful for every day, I did (with certain level of difficulty but I did) but still, didn’t feel it.

My biggest a-ha moment on that, was a few days ago when one of my beloved Yoga and Reiki Master, Nicole, posted on her Facebook stories a holistic tip: “be thankful for everything in your life. Even for the hard times. Just be thankful. The next time you go for a walk, just say thank you, thank you, thank you all along the way. ” She has been through some shitty moments lately and it was one of those tips she was giving to others but mainly to herself. Those tend to be the real good tips, by the way.

And I just did it as she said. Right after I heard it, the next morning when I went for a walk and I have been doing it every time I remember ever since. Because when I heard it, it spoke to me. It resonate deep in my soul. For the first time, maybe. At that moment, I was in this really dark, cloudy, stormy and windy moment of my life, where hope was running out and a blind faith that everything would be okay, eventually, was the only thing that I had to hold on to and surprisingly I managed to be and feel grateful for all of that. And for the first time I felt as I was meaning.

And that is the key to master this being and feeling grateful for everything deal: meaning it. Deep inside. When you hit that point, it does shine a light in you and this light clears the clouds, brightens the day, stops the wind, takes the storm away.

To be honest, there is no easy way towards it. You just have to keep on practicing your gratitude even when it doesn’t seem real and makes no sense to you. Keep on being and feeling grateful that one day, eventually, you will mean it.

And that will make the whole difference in your life. Hopefully. 🙏 🙌

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