Should I Go Gray Or Nay?

Well, it is entirely up to you. Do you wanna go gray?

Or nay?

Because if you don’t, don’t; if you do, do it. But before you do it, just be aware of this one thing: it is better to go gray when you have something like 80% of your hair gray already. That is when the result of this new hair color will look better and you can evaluate properly if it suits you or not. Before, it can be quite an unfair judgement.

Photo: Instagram @burtonregina 😍

And yes, going gray should be faced just like that: trying a new hair color. Because that is what it is: a new hair color. A natural new hair color. With a real good advantage, I must add: you will not need touch ups ever again. And this is for me an unbeatable advantage.

Plus, it has another huge advantage as a side effect: your hair will look much healthier since you will no longer have dyes and chemicals in your locks. Woo-hoo!

On top of all that, there are a lot women going gray these days and they look amazing. I always thought that men were way more successful in going gray than women, but lately, women have proven me wrong. On Instagram there are plenty of good examples that you can get inspiration and encouragement from. And if that is it what is missing for you to go ahead, than here you may go.

And if you do go gray, don’t forget to keep on taking a good care of your hair. Because, regardless the color, the way your hair looks is the most important thing. Your hair frames your face and especially as we get older, we need a great frame, a frame that has our back. 😉 The color is important but the way your hair looks and shines is too.

Anyways, as I said, going gray is a totally personal decision. For me, up to this moment, going gray is still a nay. I don’t think gray hair suits me. At least not yet. Even with this big advantage of going free from touch ups and the damage it causes waving in front of me. Oh, it is sooooo appealing…

But still a nay.

I started going gray when I was 16. At least that was the age my hairdresser told me I had a few gray hairs in my head. I felt so sad… old… aging… although my skin was wrinkle-free at that time… I was devastated cause I loved my sun kissed dark honey blonde natural color and soon I would have to color that hair… I panicked, but I shouldn’t have. Because for the next 10 years or so I managed to have only a very few gray hairs in my frame. I didn’t have to do anything to conceal it at all up to my late 20s. Then I started to use some semi-permanent dyes and highlights and the whole hair-bangs.

Up to this day, at the age of 4.7 I am not a 100% gray lady. I still just have something like 60% of gray hair, not more. So, it is not that time to consider going gray for me yet anyways.

And if you are like me and doesn’t want to go gray, keep those things in mind to have a great frame to your face: keep your hair in great condition, cut or trim it frequently to keep it strong and try to find ways to spare it from the dyes and chemicals damage. Wear masks, do some treatment for your hair, use good products that work for you, pick a great haircut and most importantly, don’t go for a shade too dark or harsh on you. As we get older we need something softer to frame our faces. So a jet black or even a way too rich chocolate shade can be too much. Just go for a softer shade.

Trust me. It will work better for you. Which shade to go? Only you, your trained hairdresser and the mirror can tell you for sure. Consult them on that.

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