Is The Instagram Aesthetic Over?

Well, according to this article on The Atlantic, yes, the Instagram aesthetic is over. Or about to be. At least, there is a trend that is starting to get shape among Millennials (who else?) who are seeking to portray in their Instagram feeds a more real deal life.

#reallifeshot wearing my favorite shoes: barefoot. ✌️

To be honest, as I said in a previous post I don’t think that is the case just yet. All I see out there, at least among the most followed and liked people/brands is beautiful, perfect, super produced photos. A totally insta life. That is still what people in general seem to gravitate to. Instagram remains a window to scape from their own reality, a dreamy station. Just like Fashion magazines used to be and still are for those who keep on buying and reading them. I confess: I am not one of them. Although sometimes I have a look here and there at the stand or bookstore to see what is going on. Yep, pretty much the same.

I just hope that this new trend sticks and grows up to the point that actually offers another aesthetic option that is followable. Something to refresh the air over there. Because visually, it can tire you up.

A lot.

And yes, I am still over there. Struggling to find my visual voice, taking horrible selfies, very uncomfortable when posing, still clueless about lighting, having no idea how to put on some interesting stories… yep, failing highly over there. If you want to follow my Insta ordeal, here is my handler @fabafter47M

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