Bye-Bye 47, Hello 48!

Today is my last day as a 4.7. And although this personal year hasn’t been perfect (never is), I am so deeply grateful for it and I will always cherish to my core. It was an amazing inner and outer year. And it was because:

After a long time of self-absence I felt myself again. Fully. Wholly. Me. And this is priceless.

This year for the first time I felt Spiritual…

And belonging…

And truly grateful for everything in my life. Go figure.

I felt alive and kicking.

I felt deeply attuned, connected, present, radiant, inspired, joyful, kind, compassionate, looking forward.

I thawed my frozen heart.

I reconnected with my heart.

I realized how I have been good in self-caring, in having my back.

I reconnected to one of my passions: blogging. here we go.

I started to write again. It is still a love/hate battle, but writing.

I got back my ability to make a case with clear thoughts and driven mind.

I added some pretty awesome, inspiring, warm people to my life. Truly keepers.

I found myself in Kundalini yoga.

I found a purpose. Or at least I think I do… 😉

For all of that and everything else, the good, the bad and the very ugly I am so grateful for my 47 personal year. Thanks you for all the experiences, the enlightenments, the insights. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You rocked.

And be welcome dear 48! Let’s do this.💜

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