Do Everything With Intention

Every time you practice some thing, anything Zen or Spiritual like Meditating, Lighting up an incense, Practicing Yoga, Walking in nature barefoot, Clearing the vibe from a room try doing it with intention. And declare it loud (even if it is only in your mind) and clear so the Universe can be in sync with you and your intention. And have your back. Also you can resonate with that intention, amplify it, make it stronger, more powerful, closer to you.

And your declared intention can be anything, really. Just like those examples:

Let me reconnect with my intuition.

That today I can manage to do anything.

Wishing this smoke bring a clear energy.

I want to have a clear vision of what I want for my life from now.

That I am capable to decide wisely.

Wishing the world tolerance, love and peace. Of mind included.

Here I am reconnecting to myself and nature.

Show me the way.

Need clearance on how to get that job I really dream of.

I need guidance to find my bliss.

And so on and on. And on.

See? That simple.

And let the energy of your intention be your vibe, your companion for that practice.

Focus on it.

And let it unfold as it is.

Accept it.

Embrace it.

Vibrate on it.

And let it be.

This is something I am trying to add to my Zen/Spiritual routine these days. Make it a habit. And I am because I have kept on hearing some of my Yoga teachers asking us to put an intention to our practice of that particular day in the very beginning of it. And by doing so I understood how it is important to do some thing, anything with a purpose, with an intention.

Plus this end up being a good opportunity to talk to and hear myself. It is like a connection that is made. A deep one. It is like a prayer. Because that is what a prayer is: a declaration of our intention. To God, The Goddess, The Universe, Mother Nature…

That is why I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate that to any Zen/Spiritual practice of mine.

So good idea that I am considering to bring that philosophy to other areas of my life. Living a life with intention. A declared intention.

Because quite frankly, do anything with intention and all that intention brings, Zen/Spiritual or not, it is a pretty good idea, a pretty good mindset.


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