How To Remove That White Stains On Nails Caused By Nail Polish

If you wear nail polish, especially if it stays on your nails for longer than it should be, you probably noticed some white stains/spots on them when you remove the color. Been there, done that.

And although they look nasty they are pretty harmless. And with a substantial amount of moisturizer they will go away completely overnight. Not kidding.

See? Actually, to see it better, click on each photo and there you go.

My go to moisturizer to address it is Bepantol Baby cream. But as far as I know you can put any moisturizer on them and voilà, problem solved.

Usually I like to give some break for my nails between nail polishes, like at least a night. Sometimes a day or two. Just so can they “breathe” freely.

Again, this is just an effective treatment for those spots/stains caused by the nail polish not those white spots that can sometimes appear out of nowhere in our nails. Here there is an article about them and their possible causes (that includes allergies, mineral deficiency, fungal infection and nail injury).

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