Today Is Earth Day

And I am not gonna talk about how badly we all have been treating our beautiful and generous planet here and the side effects of it all. Instead, I am here to make a suggestion on this Earth’s Day: pick one thing you can do to help our planet and therefore our lives living here and add that thing as a regular habit in your life. It can be anything that you are NOT already doing, like recycling, committing to produce less garbage in your daily life, consuming products more consciously, not leaving garbage behind on the beach or camping or in that rock concert, planting some trees, engaging in helping cleaning public places (or keeping them cleaned), implementing in your house some form of clean energy like solar panels (if you can afford them) and there you may go. There are a lot of things we can do to change our relationship with this planet, treat it with more kindness, respect and gratitude. Because, look around… we, as humans, are very fortunate to have such an amazing place to live in, with plentiful of resources to live a good, calm and gorgeous life. And it’s up to all of us to keep this place as it is.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny little thing or a huge thing that you are committing to, just commit to it and make that commitment part of your life. I personally believe that will be those small actions done by everyone of us that will end up making the most difference in the quality of our lives right now and in the future. Because, in my point of view, improving the way we treat and interact with our planet is the key to keep on living here with some quality of life. Because it’s not this beautiful planet that is at risky, it’s our human existence that is.

So, let’s do our part and honor our beloved Earth! Let’s make everyday Earth Day in our actions.

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