A Quote To Lighten Up Your Tuesday

So true. On the dance floor. Or in life. At least that’s how I feel. Because the journey matters. Perhaps the most. So we should enjoy every single step. Being present. Breathing in (and out) the moment. Savoring every experience. Retaining the lessons. Being grateful. And keeping on going. Flowing. Glowing…

Of joy. 

As you can see I love quotes. They inspire me, they make me think, they make me connect. With myself. 

And how about you? Do you also feel inspired by quotes? Which one is your all time favorite? I do want to know. 😘

How Do You Feel About This Quote?




Let me know dropping me a line on the Comments section down below.👇🏼

I personally agree. I believe that every thing we do, speak, think… every behave we have towards another person tells something about ourselves. And we should listen to it.

And I also believe that every thing that bugs us regarding the other is something we need to work on ourselves more than anything. Not necessarily because we are alike that feature in particular but because there is some thing in there that needs to be addressed at some level. What? Only digging, dealing with it will tell.

The Right Weapons To Win A Fight

A quick thought that just came to my mind yesterday morning:

We don’t fight hate with hate, intolerance with more intolerance; if we want to change things, to change situations, to change people’s mind and behavior, we need to shift the vibration to the one we want to have instead. That is the only way we can replace one for the other. Otherwise, one intolerance will replace the other, one hate will replace the other and the vibration will remain the same. We don’t fight fire with more fire, cause if we do, all we will gonna get is more fire. And this extra fire will make the fire even more powerful, not less.

So the vibration.

On top of that, if we don’t bring light to this fight so the other side can see what caring, loving and tolerance is all about and how it feels, how can they shift their own hate and intolerance vibrations since they only know this one?

Love 💕 Caring 🌸 Kindness 🌼 Compassion 💜Those are the weapons to fight this fight and succeed! Vibrate on that frequency to bring that to our reality.