Indecision Is A Waste Of Life

That whole quote above is sooo true. And it speaks right to my heart. Cause as an undecided person I know this so well. Every time I was in a crossroad of decisions to make and I got frozen, unable to decide which way to go, which one to pick, I felt just like that: wasting life time. My lifetime. It feels like denying yourself the git of living. And I am not exaggerating. Because when you don’t decide, you stay there, wherever you are, stuck, doing nothing, living nothing, only watching your life passing you by.

So anytime you get stuck in a decision, not knowing which way to pick after a lot of thinking and intuition talks, just pick something and go. Just don’t stay still, undecided, watching time and life goes by.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

Cause either way will be way better than just staying there, still, frozen, doing nothing, living nothing, only watching your life passing you by.

Trust me on that. 😘

Try This When You Feel You Are Stuck When Working At Home

Every time I feel stuck, procrastinating like a pro, out of creativity, mojo or inspiration/motivation when I am working at home… I relocate my working space. And boom, it works. At least for me, it does. I manage to get the work done. And don’t feel as if I did something robotic and bland.

This is my relocated working place. It helps me get the work done. So the extra help. 😻😻

And yes, I am talking about relocate your working space inside your own home. If you work in the living room, move to your room or kitchen. Or if you have a balcony, try to work there. Be creative and see how it goes.

And yes, if your place is tiny and inside your home there is no space for relocation… then try to work somewhere else outside your home. In a coffee (or tea) shop, park or anywhere else you can think of and want to have a go.

This simple change of air can refresh your inner mojo and do this trick.