Style Clue 6: Before buying anything in a street store or even on an online store, check if the same product from the same brand/store isn’t available at the Amazon store. And you should check first there because sometimes the same exact product is available there for a much, much cheaper price. Sometimes even half the price or even lower. And nope I am not being paid or doing and add for the company. It’s just a fact that I have learned from my own experience shopping. Recently I was shocked by how much I could have saved if only I would have checked Amazon options (or waited a few days to check) instead of buying straight from the store. Sad but so true.

TradeMark Style: Repeating The Elements You Like

If you have a combo that you like, feel yourself, looks good on you and it is perfect for that occasion you are heading to, of course you can repeat that combo. Endlessly. Even for days in a row. It’s not a fashion sin. At all. Actually, this consistency of wearing particular elements are key to give a proper shape to your trademark style. They will enforce your visual statement.

Go for them. Shamelessly.

To illustrate that, here I am repeating the elements I currently love: my skinny jeans with a double cuff, my brown heeled sandals, my favorite bracelet party and of course, my substantial index finger ring. A big stoned ring that is part of my trademark style squad, a ring that I love to rotate, but I always keep it in the same vibe.

And yes, before I forget to mention… the way you decide to wear a particular piece like a cuffed jeans can be part of your trademark style as well. I for instance keep on repeating this little twist on mine every time I wear sandals with.

Besides varying the index finger ring, the only other thing I changed in the look was the top. The top was my variable element. And to be honest, that is all you need to have an entirely new look vibe. Because you don’t need different pieces head to toe to have that. Just one different piece will do the trick. But still, just like the index finger ring I kept the style vibe in both tops: flowing, kind of boho AND in a lively color. Because boho and a lively color (or a print) are part of my trademark style. Totally me.

I can say the same about a red nail polish. So me. In this case I also like to rotate so I wear different shades of red. But it is 99% of the time red. Having said that, if you adore a particular shade of a nail polish this could be your trademark nail polish. You don’t need to rotate at all. You cab be faithful to just one particular shade. No problem. Au contraire.

As you can see, you can develop your own trademark style being consistent not only with the pieces you wear but also how you chose to wear them. And you can wear that particular piece or vary that piece with options that are in the same vibe you are tuned in. Bearing that in mind will put you in the right trademark style track.

Style Clue 5: Clean and organizing your wardrobe at least twice a year. In the beginning of Spring and Fall. Yep, when the cold or warm season starts to show, give your wardrobe a makeover. Leave the clothes for that particular season more reachable, easy to be spotted. Go through everything you have, evaluate what you should keep or should sell/give/toss. Also check if there is any clothes that need some fixing like a missing button, a broken sole… And fix them before returning to your wardrobe. And yes, this is about clothes and accessories.

Style Clue 4: Always make a list and stick to it when you go shopping for clothes and accessories. And to make that list consider this points: have a good look at your own wardrobe and see what you have already, which pieces you need to refresh what you have and which core, basic pieces need a replacement. You can have a look at the season’s trends to get inspired or just access your own taste and style for that.

Style Clue 3: Invest in quality not quantity. Because quality will give your wardrobe a visual upgrade. Plus your pieces will last longer. On top of that quantity is not a guarantee to have more options. If you don’t get the right pieces for you, your style, lifestyle, body type and the occasions you have ahead you might find yourself in that wardrobe dilemma: a lot of clothes and nothing to wear.