The Look: All Black Look Yet Not Boring

Photo: Who What Wear.

Because an all black look doesn’t have to be boring. In order to accomplish that all you have to do is to pick pieces that look different from each other. For instance, in this look the shirt is a shining black and the pants is more on the opaque side.

Other ways of doing it involve picking a trendy piece or one with a different detail not expected or a detail that can cause some wow factor.

The deep V is the wow factor here. Very well orchestrated with a necklace or two.

The unusual one is the way she wearing the pulled sleeves: opened and up. And to achieve that you can use an elastic band or even a piece of black trim and cover with the sleeve draping.

The trendy one is the bootcut pants. Of course that you could pick a straight one or even go further in the 70s with a bell-bottom one. Or a tailored wide-leg trousers. Which by the way would be my favorite. It would look so chic. Right?

And speaking of this deep V detail… if it is not for you, you can still wear like that betting in a cami or a tank top underneath. Black as well, if you want to keep the whole black look.

The sunnies are also black. And glam. Ish.

We cannot see her shoes but a high heeled sandal, peep toe shoe or even an ankle boot would be perfect here. Black as well. Why not? Here you could still play with textures opting for a suede one. Or a croc one.

The Look: High Low Jumpsuit

Photo: Getty Images.

I loved a lot of this year’s Golden Globes looks. But one in particular after-party look called my attention: this laid-back, high low take on the jumpsuit worn by 47 years young Sandra Oh. So unpretentiously chic, comfortable and fun. And very much Sandra Oh’s vibe. So much that she is owning it. And by the way, owning a look is one of my top 11 mantraments to be a well-dressed woman. More on that later, in a post.

But going back to Sandra Oh’s look… this Goop’s G. Label Elgin Tuxedo Jumpsuit could have gone either the high fashion road being paired with diamond jewelry and a high heeled sandals or the low one with a sneaker or even a flat sandal and no jewelry at all (or a casual, simple necklace). But instead it mixed both sides with a diamond necklace nothing shy and a fabulous leather sneaker by Alexandre Birman. And yes, the sneaker could have been black but then again, the contrast that the white with a dash of black sneaker add would have been lost.

Lastly, her hair is absolutely great too. Wavy, sexy and nothing uptight and super done. Very much in sync with the whole high low vibe. So her fresh makeup.

Kudos to her stylist, Elizabeth Saltzman, who nailed it, head to toe.

And if you want to put together a look like Sandra’s keeping the high low vibe, you could add some costume jewelry, like a bold ring or a not so shy necklace, silver or golden, no diamonds required. A converse sneaker could dress down a high vibe jumpsuit. Or a ballerina flat or a simple flat, if sneaker is not for you. Or a espadrille. A clean ankle boot would dress up a little more this look.