Why I Never Wash My Face In The Morning

I don’t remember exactly when I stoped washing my face in the morning. It was probably 3 or 4 years ago. But I do remember why decided to do so: as I entered the menopause I noticed that my skin went from its usual mix of oily/normal to a not so oily/and sometimes a little dry even skin and because of that I thought it was a good idea to keep only two daily washes in my beauty routine, one in the shower and the other before I go to bed. Those two washes would be enough. That was also when I understood that a good moisturizer will be my bff in this skin routine thing, by the way.

Anyways, I do think this has helped my skin. And no, I don’t feel that my skin needs a little cleanse in the morning at all. It looks super. Plus today I saw a video from a beauty blogger from Brazil telling her reason to actually never wash her face in the morning. And she, who is far away from menopause, does that because she once visited a French Epidermologist name Joelle Ciocco ( you can learn more about her here) who told her that cleaning well (Joelle advises to have a double cleansing) the skin before going to bed allows you to skip the morning wash. On top of that, according to her, not washing in the morning you are able to keep better all the benefits that your own skin produced on its own during its overnight rest. And for me that makes totally sense and validated even more my choice.

If I feel that I need to remove the residues of a sleeping mask or a serum in the morning (actually I hardly feel I need to), I use a toner instead of washing it with water and soap/foam/gel/etc. And I use a let’s call it contemporary toner that is alcohol-free, less astringent and more nutritious to the skin. Here there is a very good talk about toners, something I only incorporate recently to my beauty routine.

And speaking of my beauty routine… in the morning I only skip the washing part. As I wake up I put some moisturize on, add sunscreen and a tinted protective cream (plus a subtle gray eyeliner and a nude lipstick, cause you never know who is gonna cross your path) and I am ready for my morning walk.