Whenever In Doubt, Wear A Dress

Me and my dresses.

I am kind of bias to say that cause I looooove dresses. They are like a second skin to me. They are easy to wear, put me at ease wearing them… they are comfy, fun, feminine, stylish, flirty… And sexy. It all depends on the dress mood. They can show my curves, only suggest them or completely hide them without making me look frumpy.

Or dated.

Or bored.

Or boring.

They are no-brainer pieces that can be a whole look just like that. You don’t need to mix and match them with another piece.

Me and my dresses.

Unless you want to add another piece or two to your look, like a cardigan or a coat (and even pants). But other than that, when you pick your dress all you have to do is to figure out which shoes to pair and in which bag to bet. Maybe pick a scarf, jewelry, sunnies or a hat to add some thing extra to your look.

Or not.

The thing is, with this one piece you can go wherever you need to. Ready. Put together. At ease.

Me and my dresses.

Some people might not even consider a dress because it doesn’t give much room to sport a whole different look every time you wear it since it is that one pre-set piece, a one note kind of style.

But if it is a dress that suits you, your body, the occasion you are heading to, makes you feel comfy and your best version, why do you need to vary that?

Me and my dresses.

Seriously, why?

Plus, wearing a dress can be one of the elements of your TradeMark Style, that will keep you very much you for you and everyone else.

Why not?

And yes, you can always pick different accessories, add different pieces or a detail to it, wear a different hairstyle to vary the look. If you want to.

Or not.

In any case, and because all of that, whenever in doubt, wear a dress.

Me and my dresses.

Of course, it is a good idea to have a basic dress wardrobe to suit different occasions. And even have a dress (or two) that can go from day to night and everything in between.

But you don’t have to have way too many. Just a few for day, a few for night and a few for day to night.

And make sure you have the right set of accessories like bags and shoes to take you anywhere you need to go with them.

Having said all that, of course I know there are some ladies who don’t fancy a dress. And that is totally okay. You don’t have to. This is a suggestion for those who, like me, like to wear a dress.

In another words, this post was my little ode to this piece I love and has kept me stylish even when I completely lost my passion for fashion and my mojo to dress up (or down). And yes, that is a true story. Up to this day I rely on them to keep me going. At ease. Feeling good under my two skins. Looking good and put together. Even when I dress up or down in the automatic pilot.

Why Is A Good Idea To Have A Great LoungeWear Wardrobe

Why Is A Good Idea To Have A Great LoungeWear Wardrobe

In any age, your loungewear clothes should be picked as any other clothes in your wardrobe: carefully curated to suit your body type, personal style, lifestyle and taste. And equally immaculate: no buttons missing, no holes, no discoloration, no worn out pieces. Because they do matter. Even if you live alone. And no, it is not because we never know who can knock at our doors (although that would be a good pro)… but because you deserve to present yourself in your best version all the time, even when there is no one around but yourself. Because you are worthy and deserve it. Full stop.

My loungewear jumpsuit that goes easily from my couch to the market.

With that in mind, picking good pieces to lounge at your house is a must. And here I am not implying that you should buy expensive, high quality, fashion forward clothes. Not at all. Basic, comfortable, affordable and yet good looking and good to be in clothes that totally flatter you and your body type will do it. Think about pieces that you can stay comfy at home but if you need you could go to the market nearby to buy groceries or walk your dog at the park or even go to the mall and rock it. Think of pieces that look good on you, color-wise, shape-wise, model-wise.

And no, you don’t need a lot of pieces, just a few to cover both cold and warm weather, perfect pieces to wear them off. And when they get to the point they need replacement, do so. Because the idea here is to have clothes in the perfect shape to wear in and out.

Here is a list of how a good lounge wear wardrobe could be:

  • 3 short sleeves tees or any short sleeves tops.
  • 3 long sleeves tees or any long sleeves tops.
  • 2 sweaters.
  • 2 cardigans or any other coat.
  • 2 comfy pants like leggings or a straight leg pants.
  • 1 flowy jumpsuit.
  • 3 dresses.

If you don’t like any of the pieces on the list, you don’t need to include them. For instance, if dresses are not your thing, you don’t need to include them. Instead, add more pants and tees. If you like shirts, tunics, boho blouses (or dresses) you can add them as well. This is just a very impersonal list I made above. Make it personal to you and your style. Please.

And yes, if you dye your hair at home or do anything that could bleach, stain or ruin your clothes, you can have two set of clothes for that activity. Those clothes can be the damage ones. No problem. For any other activities, make sure your clothes are impeccable.

Here there is a Pinterest board with good ideas for a good and versatile loungewear wardrobe. Some of the looks featured on this board are already outdoors look so you can have the feeling how it is a loungewear that you can go out with.

And this approach to loungewear should be embraced especially but not only for us, women going through any phase of Menopause. Cause more than ever, the loungewear wardrobe will matter since lounging is gonna be our favorite estate, right? And if you build your loungewear wardrobe with that in mind, you will not need to change your clothes if you have to interrupt your lounging to go out for a quick ride. You will be ready to go. And in style.

How To Build A Stylish No-Brainer Wardrobe Lesson 1: Pick Your TradeMark Accessory

I don’t remember when a big, stoned index finger ring became my trademark accessory for sure, but it was probably when I noticed that there was a big sun spot on my right index finger. I hate sun spots in general and this one in particular is really big. Argh! So, I decided to wear a huge stoned ring to conceal it. Bingo!

Me and my Eye-Of-The-Tiger Index Ring.

And loved it.

So, because of that I started wearing it all the time. Now after many years it is safe to say that my index finger ring is my trademark accessory. Of the moment.

Okay, I could add to this trademark list an arm-party with some friendship bracelets that right now I am not wearing that much, but for the past 5 years or so never left my wrists. Same I could say for my toe ring. Yep, in my 20s and early 30s I did wear one. All. The. Time.

Just like me you can also have your trademark accessory. Or accessories. Because it can be a set of accessories, like a whole arm-party, for instance or a combo of arm-party and neck-party. Up to you and your style. And just like me you can change it over time. No problem. And it can be basically any accessory that speaks to you, that you feel comfortable wearing and that kind that feels so you.

And it is a good idea to pick one that you can wear it day to night, Fall to Summer, non stop, so in any occasion you can rely on it. Or at least almost all the time, so it is something that people around you would immediately associate with you. Like Jackie O. and her oversize sunnies, for instance. Because when you wear something that often, it sticks in every body’s memory.

To pick your trademark accessory, think of a piece of jewelry or a whole combo of jewelry (like multi-layered necklace, a ring or two, an arm party and earrings), something to wear in your hair (or even the way you style your hair, in a bun or a ponytail) or something you wear in your head like a turban or a headband, a belt, a shoe (like boots or ballerina flats), a scarf, big sunnies, a lipstick color… It can be anything, really.

You don’t have to pick just one and stick with just that one. For instance, if you pick an index finger ring to wear all the time, you can have more than one of its kind. However, if you want to have just one to rock it in any occasion with any look, then go for it.

And something simple like this can actually help you to build, anchor and show off your style. In style. A no-brainer style. That can be quite handy on those times that you are not very keen to think about how to accessorize this or that look and yet you will, automatically. Like in your menopausal years…

At least for me, it was very helpful to have my huge, stoned index ring around in my meno years. That is how I kept accessorized after losing my mojo for it. Oh, yeah, I lost my mojo to accessorize. And in the past I was crazy about it. It was one of my favorite parts of dressing up (or down). Still, I haven’t recovered my mojo for it yet so I still rely on my trademark formula for accessories. For now. But I must confess that lately I have been inspired to work on that a little bit. That is one of the reasons I started to post on Instagram (you can follow me @fabafter47). There you can follow my attempt to bring my fashion passion back to life.

And how about you? Do you have a trademark accessory? Let me know below.👇🏼