Beauty Tip: Wear A Bra To Sleep

Of course I am not talking about any bra, but a comfy one. Forget about underwired ones and those that get too tight that you don’t breathe well. Bet instead in a bralette or a sports bra that give you some support and yet is super comfy that you don’t feel as if you are wearing one. Like the ones in the photo below.

And this is one of those beauty tips I wish I had known before around the time I started developing my breasts in my teen years. And I do because I feel ever since I started doing it in my late 20s I noticed that the wrinkles between my breasts which were starting to bother me cause they were becoming more visible froze in time ever since.

Plus I must confess that at one point back then sleeping with no bra was not comfortable for me at all. With my bralette was way better. And this type of bra is the bra I usually wear at home ever since. It gives me enough support with the feeling that I am almost braless. Love it.

I guess wearing a bra all day (and night) long has helped me to be at the age of 47 with perky boobs. True that I never had kids but still, that was not on its own a guarantee to keep it up, anyways.

And how about you? Do you sleep in your bra?

Because Keeping The Skin Hydrated Is a Must

Because Keeping The Skin Hydrated Is a Must

If there is one thing I have learned since I entered the menopause is that you must keep your skin hydrated. At all costs. Perhaps this is the most important step in your daily facial routine. For any woman, no matter her age. Because there is no way for your skin to look healthy and glowing without being properly hydrated. It will also help to prevent and/or keep the wrinkles at bay. Ish. Because hydration is one of the elements your skin needs to age well and kicking.

So, find out that great moisturizer that works wonders for you and use it. Every single day. Twice a day. With no excuse. How can you find the perfect moisturizer for yourself? You gotta try the options around till you find the right one for you. Because every single person is different and what works for me might not do the same for you. Simple as that. And there is no other way to find that out. Unfortunately.

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 16.21.08

For me, the best moisturizer that I ever came across is the Belif’s Aqua Bomb. Love this moisturizer. My skin feels hydrated and luminous all the way. It works wonders for me. And how about yours? Which one does the trick for you?

And don’t forget to drink lots of water. Because keep hydration from inside out is another must.