A Brazilian Tradition For New Year’s Eve

Here in Brazil we have this tradition to wear white or the color or colors you want to attract the vibe for the upcoming year. And yes, every color has a different meaning. Here are a list with some of them:

  • White: peace, tranquility, purity.
  • Yellow: more money, happiness, optimism.
  • Golden: financial abundance or stability, joy.
  • Blue: serenity, harmony, healthy vibe.
  • Green: fertility, good luck, stability and hope.
  • Pink: love, love and love. The one, a romantic fling, that love story.
  • Red: passion, desire, sensuality, infatuations.
  • Orange: vibrant, excitment, openess to new things/experiences.
  • Purple: spirituality and intuition. Transformation and self-knowledge.
  • Lilac: purification, restart, reconecting with intuition.
  • Brown: security and simplicity.
  • Gray: flexibility, modernity and stability.
  • Black: strength, formality, mystery and elegance.
  • Silver: success, fun, joy and strong emotions.

Now, based on that list above, which colors or color would wear for the New Year’s Eve? This year I will be on the pink and purple duo. And yes, they do go well together. Because color talks to color, we are the ones who get lost in translation, sometimes.