Clearing Out Those Cloudy Days

It has been a while since my last post here and I would love to say this was because my life at this side of the computer screen was pretty busy and exciting. But it wasn’t the case. I was just going through one of those moments when there is this gray cloud above your head surrounding you everywhere you go. Those moments when every little thing you do seems to be wrong or not working. Not the beast place to be, but hey, it is part of being alive. It happens as much as s**t happens. And all we can do is try to make a good sense out of it. Try to learn something or THAT thing that made you go through this.

Breathe. Deep. In and out. All the way through.


Practice some thing spiritual. In my case Kundalini.

Dig deep in.


Be opened to listen to yourself.

And embrace whatever it comes.

It also helps to face it with a sense of humour.

Or a sense of adventure.

Because it is an adventure. To the other side. To the shadow-ish side.

A side that is also a part of who we are, even if we don’t want it to be. Really hard.

And if this is the case I have got news for you: this is THE thing that is keeping you stuck. THE thing that probably is sabotaging all your attempts to live a full life, to be you and feel you. To accomplish THAT thing you are so desperately wants.

Don’t fight that part of who you are. You don’t want him/her as your enemy.

Instead, welcome.


Show compassion.

Love even.

Hug honestly.

Or at least let him/her talk and listen.

Be there.

Sometimes that is all she/he/they want.

And if it’s not, being there, opened to listen to a honest answer will get you to figure out what you need to do to move on. 😉🌸

3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself In Your Next Meditation

Or if don’t meditate, you can ask yourself anytime during the day. As often as you can. Breathing slowly and deeply with your eyes closed. So you can get your answers. From deep inside.

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay.

And the 3 questions are:

Who am I?

What do I want?

How can I serve/help? Or in another words: What is my purpose in life?

Listen openly to all the answers without interfering. Let them flow. Take a mental notice of them. Go deeper. With no fear. Just an opened heart and mind.

By the way…

I got those questions from a book I am currently reading called The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga by Deepak Chopra and David Simon. (this is not an affiliate link.) Those are soul questions. And the deep, truthful answer to them are the key to shifting from the ego standing point to your spirit. It is the path to connect to your spiritual being and live your life honoring it. It is a way to be in touch with the fundamental essence of who you really are.

So, if you are wondering it, give it a shot.

For me, when I came across those questions in the book it was like wow! And it was because lately those are the questions I keep trying to get an answer for it. I am desperate to find my bliss, so I can follow it. And I think your bliss lives exactly where the answer for those 3 questions are.

If you don’t know what I am talking about when the subject is bliss, play the video. Joseph Campbell will answer for you.

I haven’t got the answers yet…

Actually, I probably have the answers, but I am still reluctant to pursue it because I still think I am no good at it. I guess my ego still dominates me. Sad but so true.

In any case, I will keep asking me those questions till I am fully convinced. Or until I start going with this blissful flow… regardless.

And how about you? Have you figure out what your bliss is?

Those Days When You Feel Overwhelmed With So Many Things To Do…


Hehehehe But it is so true.

Every time I have a lot of things to do, a lot of ideas coming to me, a lot of decisions to make or something I consider great is developing, I feel so overwhelmed that the only thing I can do is to step away from it and let it sink. For a while. So I stop thinking about it, I give it a time, relax or do something else and after this pause I go back to the ideas or things I have to get done, to decide, to organize mentally.

And I do think this is a good approach. It takes a bit of the edge of it. It gives me a refreshed perspective.

Having said that, sometimes it takes me way too long to go back to them. But it does because I am afraid to make a poor decision, to screw up a great idea… It is more fear than overwhelming. Fear of failure. Fear of making mistakes. Fear of not being perfect… the usual.

In those cases, facing it, breathing through it and doing it anyways it is the way to go.

Age Is Not Just A Number

Age is THE number.

Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay.

The number of years we have lived so far, we have experienced life.

The number of years we have learned, grown…

The number of years we had to meet people, know different places, different cultures, read, write, study, rest, exist.

And this is a major deal… A major number.

The praising number not a sorry number. We all should own it.

Celebrate it.

Cherish it.

Be proud of it.

After all, we are here, alive, breathing and kicking…

And ready to add more blooming years to this age number.

Do Everything With Intention

Every time you practice some thing, anything Zen or Spiritual like Meditating, Lighting up an incense, Practicing Yoga, Walking in nature barefoot, Clearing the vibe from a room try doing it with intention. And declare it loud (even if it is only in your mind) and clear so the Universe can be in sync with you and your intention. And have your back. Also you can resonate with that intention, amplify it, make it stronger, more powerful, closer to you.

And your declared intention can be anything, really. Just like those examples:

Let me reconnect with my intuition.

That today I can manage to do anything.

Wishing this smoke bring a clear energy.

I want to have a clear vision of what I want for my life from now.

That I am capable to decide wisely.

Wishing the world tolerance, love and peace. Of mind included.

Here I am reconnecting to myself and nature.

Show me the way.

Need clearance on how to get that job I really dream of.

I need guidance to find my bliss.

And so on and on. And on.

See? That simple.

And let the energy of your intention be your vibe, your companion for that practice.

Focus on it.

And let it unfold as it is.

Accept it.

Embrace it.

Vibrate on it.

And let it be.

This is something I am trying to add to my Zen/Spiritual routine these days. Make it a habit. And I am because I have kept on hearing some of my Yoga teachers asking us to put an intention to our practice of that particular day in the very beginning of it. And by doing so I understood how it is important to do some thing, anything with a purpose, with an intention.

Plus this end up being a good opportunity to talk to and hear myself. It is like a connection that is made. A deep one. It is like a prayer. Because that is what a prayer is: a declaration of our intention. To God, The Goddess, The Universe, Mother Nature…

That is why I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate that to any Zen/Spiritual practice of mine.

So good idea that I am considering to bring that philosophy to other areas of my life. Living a life with intention. A declared intention.

Because quite frankly, do anything with intention and all that intention brings, Zen/Spiritual or not, it is a pretty good idea, a pretty good mindset.