My Last Day In The 40s

Today is my last day in my 40s. Tomorrow I will be officially a 5.0 lady. Before this whole pandemic thing I was planning to celebrate the beginning of my new decade traveling. I hadn’t have picked any destinations yet, but that was my plan. And it was a big one. Traveling around the world for a couple of months, on my own, the way I most like to travel. Discovering wonderful, unusual places, trying great vegetarian dishes, savoring a different blend of decaf in a lovely cafe around the corner, bumping into people with unfamiliar faces…

Of course this is no longer a possibility due to the pandemic… So here I am, still grounded in my lovely and cozy house saying goodbye to my 40s. Not alone. With family and cats. And my thoughts. And planning to spend my birthday…



Practicing Kundalini Yoga.


Watching something in some streaming.

Reading one or two of my virtual library books.

Eating a never eaten chocolate cake and the best cinnamon rolls I can find.


In resume, doing things that I like, enjoy (sometimes not that much) and fell whole doing it.

Because that is what I want my daily life in my 50s full of.

Fulfilling activities.

Traveling I will add to this list as soon as this pandemic ends.

And it will end.

Reuniting with dear friends over a brunch for endless talks too.

And will keep adding as I discovery new fulfilling things to do just because.

My 40s was an eventful decade. With good moments, bad moments and mostly vanilla ones. Just like life is. Though but fulfilling. Fulfilling but disappointing. Disappointing but worth living. Worth living but not quite there yet. Not quite there yet but somewhere in the way to it. Hopefully.

A paradox that complemented itself.

I still have a lot work to do on myself, on my life, in this planet. I feel as if I am just begging to know where to go, what to do, where to be, who I really am and how to express that in every little thing I breathe life to. I am not even close to figure out my purpose in life or even to achieve what I think it’s supposed to be my purpose in this life. All I know is that I am here, after a long absence, but here, feeling myself again, still standing, alive and kicking.

Silently. But vibrant. Inside for now.

And little by little sculpting my best version of myself. It demands commitment that sometimes escapes from hands, willing that not always is strong as it should be, focus that I struggle to deal with in regular basis, passion that is still lost somewhere along my way and that believing that anything is possible and for some unfortunate reason I think I am not deserving of. But regardless, here I am. Trying. Over and over again. Because if there is one thing or maybe two or even three I do have and have kept me up is resilience.

And that undying desire to make it where it may be.

And having my back all along the way. Never letting me give up from what it is really important. Not until I make it.

But first I must know where to go, where my destination is. Without it, I can give my first step into that direction. Cause I don’t know which direction that is. I need to go deep, so I can listen to my whispering soul where I should go,

And go.

Enjoying the ride with its ups and downs. And flatlines too.

That is my wish for my birthday tomorrow. For my new decade. Good health, luck, love and prosperity in all fields too. And that feeling that I deserve all that.

So goodbye bittersweet 40s and hello dear undisclosed 50s. I hope you reserve for me incredible adventures and that well balanced blend of good, bad and vanilla moments. I don’t promise much, just to be the best version of me I can be. All the way through it.

Or at least, as much as I can.

Be welcome.


Today Is Earth Day

And I am not gonna talk about how badly we all have been treating our beautiful and generous planet here and the side effects of it all. Instead, I am here to make a suggestion on this Earth’s Day: pick one thing you can do to help our planet and therefore our lives living here and add that thing as a regular habit in your life. It can be anything that you are NOT already doing, like recycling, committing to produce less garbage in your daily life, consuming products more consciously, not leaving garbage behind on the beach or camping or in that rock concert, planting some trees, engaging in helping cleaning public places (or keeping them cleaned), implementing in your house some form of clean energy like solar panels (if you can afford them) and there you may go. There are a lot of things we can do to change our relationship with this planet, treat it with more kindness, respect and gratitude. Because, look around… we, as humans, are very fortunate to have such an amazing place to live in, with plentiful of resources to live a good, calm and gorgeous life. And it’s up to all of us to keep this place as it is.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny little thing or a huge thing that you are committing to, just commit to it and make that commitment part of your life. I personally believe that will be those small actions done by everyone of us that will end up making the most difference in the quality of our lives right now and in the future. Because, in my point of view, improving the way we treat and interact with our planet is the key to keep on living here with some quality of life. Because it’s not this beautiful planet that is at risky, it’s our human existence that is.

So, let’s do our part and honor our beloved Earth! Let’s make everyday Earth Day in our actions.

Dealing With Hair Loss Or Thinning Hair?

And you are pretty sure your hair loss or thinning has to do with your Menopause status, then let’s talk. I had that same problem as well. To be honest, my hair has been kind of thin my whole life. But I had lots of it. So, thin hair was never an issue for me. However, at a certain point (when Peri Menopause hit me) I began to notice that my hair was falling way too much, way more than it used to and I also noticed that my hair was not full as it used to be. Every where I went, I left tones of hair behind. It was embarrassing to say the least.

I only noticed some improvement, when things seem to go back on the right track, after some years of walking through the Menopause hell. And here are the things that help me to have my glowing hair back:

Me and my normal hair. No more thinning nor loss. Just slightly damaged for daily swimming.
  • The most important thing in my opinion is to make sure you have all the nutrients covered and sufficient in your body. Sometimes lack of nutrients like Zinc, Iron, B12, Folate, Boron and others can trigger the problem. The same can be said about some health conditions like anemia, thyroid issues, diabetes etc. So, you better check with your doctor to see if they are a factor. Just a little reminder: if your problem is not caused by deficiency or insufficiency of any nutrient in your diet, taking it on your own is not gonna help at all. For me, that helped a lot because I clearly had an issue to be addressed. It might be your case too. Or not.
  • Other thing to consider is to give your hair a good, long break from chemicals like dyes or bleachers. Those chemicals make your hair weaker and that can have a bad impact in your hair’s health. Letting it rest for a few months can give your hair a chance to regrowth. And stronger.
  • And since the subject is hair itself, there are special shampoos and conditioners and a whole bunch of other products to address the thinning issue. I used and loved the Nioxin kit for thinning hair. It did help me a lot. I still use it from time to time but I don’t think I need it anymore. Just love it. (#notapaidad)
  • In order to address hair loss there are some specific products like Minoxidil (Rogaine) or even some laser treatments that can help. I haven’t tried any of those cause I didn’t need it, but it’s fair to register this option here because it is an option.
  • Do things that can help alleviate your stress level, because stress on its own can be a major factor. Exercise, go for walks, meditate, practice some breathing techniques… find something or somethings that ca help you with stress can be a treatment for your hair problem.
  • Ad of course, there are some hormonal imbalances due to Menopause that can be responsible. There are hormone therapies to address that, but you need to contact your doctor to see whether or not it’s a viable road for you.

And if you want to read more about Hair Loss And Thinning here is a good article on that.